If you can learn to say "no" when you should, and "yes" when you should, you can learn to be a Millionaire. Saying "no" seems to be more difficult to master.

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Have you ever thought about how you would live if you were rich? Would you build that luxurious dream home? Travel the world in style with your spouse or perhaps do something marvelous for your family?

Millionaire University™ believes it’s time to stop thinking about it and actually accomplish it. The Millionaire University™ System teaches you the inside secrets and strategies so many Millionaires use.

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Millionaire University
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Millionaire University
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Millionaire University

the opportunity to succeed

What do they have in common?

Their inventors failed over and over again before their real purpose was discovered. A glue formula failure developed into post-it notes, a staple in any office, and while coke never became a popular headache remedy it has more shelf space than most sodas in your supermarket. Look for hidden opportunities.

3 Powerful Books

Power Principles - Principles and strategies that are tested and proven, 84 lesson designed to change your thought, work, and lifestyle structures to maximize you Millionaire mentality.

Rich Thinking - Act, think, and make money the way the wealthy do. What makes one Succeed and others fail? And what seperates the fabulously wealthy from those who are making ends meet?

7 Things Banks May be Hiding From You - So what's in the small print and who realy reads thier statement anyway?

12 Weeks

Millionaire University™ is a 12-week educational course that combines the Biblical Wealth message with good sound business principles to teach you how to become a Millionaire by developing the Millionaire spirit in you.

Millionaire University™ will teach you the winning principles to gain wealth.

Listen and study on your own schedule.
At Millionaire University™, we believe that everyone at birth is given a Life’s Assignment. This Assignment is weaned and nurtured through your dreams, visions and goals. To truly accomplish this Assignment, however, you must first be equipped to generate the wealth and resources necessary to finance your Life’s Mission.
Many highly capable men and women have, unfortunately, fallen short of achieving their dreams because they do not know how to use their God-given ability to generate wealth. The good news is that you have already been equipped with everything you need to succeed in life. You simply need to know how to develop and use the millionaire seed already inside of you.

Whether you’re a secretary, plumber, police officer or accountant… regardless of what you do for a living… our fervent desire is to see that you are able to succeed in your life and fulfill your life’s calling.

Saying “Yes!” to becoming a Millionaire University™ Student is your first step to becoming a Millionaire.

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"I've been a real estate broker and investor for over ten years and I learned more than I thought possible through the CDs and materials of Millionaire UniversityTM."

- Elizabeth

12 Inspiring CDs

These 12 CDs are packed with information and inspiration that will give you the motivation to accomplish your goals and dreams, as you learn from some of the worlds top success strategists.

CDs 1-6

Disc01 Why you should expect to be a Millionaire
This dynamic, life-changing lesson will revolutionize your thinking and ignite the Millionaire Spirit in you as you learn how to attract wealth.
Disc02 How To Develop The Millionaire Business Plan
Just like building starts with a blue print, every business needs to start with a rock solid bussiness plan.
Disc03 Setting Yourself Up for Success
This lesson is filled with expert advice teaching you how to avoid the pitfalls in business by employing fail proof business strategies.
Disc04 How Millionaires Always Get What They Want
If there is one thing Millionaires know how to do it’s to negotiate. Cultivate deal-making skills that will give you the edge above your competition.
Disc05 Learning to Make Million Dollar Decisions
Learn to incorporate one of the many secrets that Millionaire’s have found to be essential in both their personal and business lives.
Disc06 Understanding The Two World Systems of Great Wealth
Learn the difference between the system in which the average person operates, and God’s system through financial obedience.

CDs 7-12

Disc07 Secrets Rich People Use To Pay No Taxes
The teaching provides invaluable information regarding tax shelters, annuities, tax-free bonds, family business transfers, and charitable giving.
Disc08 The Millionaire’s Bullet Proof Marketing Plan
This CD will teach you everything you need to know regarding advertising, product awareness, competition and public relations.
Disc09 Getting Rich: God’s Promise To You
This lesson uses Biblical scriptures to uncover and confront the misnomer that poverty is a spiritual virtue. Discover God’s will for your life to create great wealth.
Disc10 Mastering The Art of Managing People
If there is one thing Millionaires know how to do it’s to negotiate. Cultivate deal-making skills that will give you the edge above your competition.
Disc11 How To Protect Your Assets From Predators
Learn about limited partnerships and limited liability companies, and which is best for you, and much more.
Disc12 The Power To Unleashing Never Ending Money
Students will learn the 10 Indicators of Financial Trouble and how to avoid financial burden by employing powerful money-saving techniques.